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Azure Day Rome 2022

Azure Day Rome 2022

Engineering among the mail promoters of the conference dedicated to the Microsoft Cloud platform.

June 24 2022

Azure Day is the event dedicated to Microsoft's home cloud, open to anyone who wants to learn more about the cloud services offered by Azure and the development of cloud-oriented applications.

Engineering is a Platinum Sponsor of the conference organized by the DotNetCode community, which will cover Azure as the main theme and agnostic to technology, with openness to all open source languages, frameworks and tools.

Vanni Boncinelli, Solution Architect of Engineering, during the "Azure meets blockchain" session will present some of the major use cases related to blockchain technologies, and will show how the Azure platform can alleviate some of the burdens related to provisioning, deploying and managing the underlying blockchain infrastructure, allowing developers to focus on business logic and processes.

The conference is hybrid: it will be possible to attend both in person at Microsoft's Rome office and online.

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