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Coding Interview Practice

Coding Interview Practice

Engineering participates in the Practice Interview Coding Event in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano.

Milano, April 22 2024

Engineering returns to Politecnico di Milano to participate in the Practice Interview Coding Event. Within the framework of the partnership with this prestigious academic institution, Engineering is committed to providing future developers with a stimulating and practical learning experience.

During this engaging event, students will have the opportunity to take part in a fun simulation of a developer interview. Andrea Mirone, Senior Software Developer at Engineering, will guide students by introducing the case and coordinating groups in studying the most correct and efficient way to solve it.

During the practical exercise, students will be tasked with implementing a simplified version of a chessboard, including pieces, the ability to set up a position, print on screen, and detect invalid moves. A deep knowledge of chess rules is not required, as all specifications will be provided during the event. However, students should be familiar with Java 21, Git, Junit, Maven (a simple pom file will be provided), and an IDE (Intellij IDEA is strongly recommended).

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