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Compliance & Governance Club: between History and Innovation

Compliance & Governance Club: between History and Innovation

Engineering and Nexen together for a new culture of information governance.

Brescia, November 17 2022

On Thursday, Nov. 17th, at the Santa Giulia Auditorium in Brescia, the Compliance & Governance Club meeting is renewed.

These annual meetings are aimed at Engineering Group's customers in the banking sector and deal with the most important lending institutions on the different topics of Data Governance and Compliance with new regulations, with a special focus on our approach.

This year we have decided to move our meeting to the city inside a former monastic complex of Lombard origin, unique in terms of richness and temporal excursus.

The next meeting entitled "Between History and Innovation" will therefore represent not only a journey through the new Banking Regulations and their application impacts, but also through the history, art and spirituality of the city of Brescia.


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