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CPQ: B2B Digital Commerce within everyone's reach

CPQ: B2B Digital Commerce within everyone's reach

A new webinar organized by Engineering and Bit2win.

May 19 2022

Engineering, in partnership with Bit2win, organizes a webinar to present the CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote), a tool that enhances (enriches and completes) the capabilities of Digital Commerce, so precious today in a post-pandemic world.

Ecosystem solution, CPQ automates and therefore speeds up digital marketing and sales processes, managing price lists, catalogs, promotions, discounts, configurations, approvals and other aspects of the sales cycle, offering the user a truly omnichannel shopping experience. Integration with the e-commerce world also makes it possible to optimize the distribution chain and automate people's operations, further enhancing the digital channel.

In short, the CPQ is that missing piece that favors the growth and performance of the companies that adopt it; find out during the event how to add it to your company.

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  • Welcome
  • Engineering: who we are
  • CRM & CPQ: Engineering's offering
  • Digital Commerce: how the market is evolving
  • Bit2Win: who we are
  • Bit2Win Suite
  • The CPQ: how to create value for the company
  • Q&A

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