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Digital Diversity Week

Digital Diversity Week

Engineering is leading the way in inclusivity at Digital Diversity Week.

Online, November 27 2023 - December 01 2023

Engineering reinforces its commitment to inclusivity in the workplace by participating in the Digital Diversity Week, an innovative event that facilitates connections between companies and individuals with disabilities and those belonging to protected categories through an advanced digital platform. This initiative, a result of the collaboration between StartHub Consulting, pioneers in digital job fairs, and Jobmetoo, specialists in Disability & Inclusion consulting and a platform dedicated to the recruitment of individuals with disabilities, sees Engineering actively involved, providing candidates with the opportunity to connect directly with the company through this cutting-edge platform.

Prospective candidates can submit their resumes through the dedicated Engineering page on the platform and schedule an online interview with Engineering's Talent Attraction specialists to explore career opportunities within the company. Throughout the Digital Diversity Week, participants will have access to specialized webinars organized by Jobmetoo, StartHub Consulting, and various industry experts. In particular, on November 29th at 4p.m., the "Discover Engineering" webinar is scheduled, offering an in-depth overview of Engineering's history, innovation objectives, and the inclusive values that guide the company.

Engineering thus confirms its position as a company that promotes and values diversity and inclusivity, actively committing to creating an open and welcoming work environment for all. Participation in the Digital Diversity Week represents a significant step towards realizing this commitment, offering real opportunities to talented individuals eager to contribute to the success and innovation of Engineering.

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