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Digital Diversity Week 2024

Digital Diversity Week 2024

Engineering renews its commitment to inclusivity at the 5th edition of the Digital Diversity Week.

Online, April 08 - 12 2024

Engineering participates in the Digital Diversity Week, a key event in promoting workplace inclusion.

The Digital Diversity Week is a unique opportunity for companies to meet individuals with disabilities and those belonging to protected categories, breaking down barriers and facilitating meaningful connections. Through an intuitive and advanced digital platform, both companies and potential candidates can interact with simple steps.

Interested candidates can review Engineering's open positions and submit their application directly through the dedicated platform. Additionally, for those who want to learn more about the company's philosophy of inclusion and career opportunities, Engineering will host a webinar on April 10th. This webinar will be open to both professionals and students, offering an opportunity to get to know the company and its stimulating and respectful job prospects.

Engineering is proud to contribute to an open and welcoming work environment for all, and participation in the Digital Diversity Week represents another step towards achieving this goal.

To register and participate in the Digital Diversity Week, visit the event website and get ready to discover new career opportunities.


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