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Engineering at Luiss Brussels Days

Engineering at Luiss Brussels Days

International Career Opportunities

Brussels, February 23 - 24 2024

Engineering is set to participate in Luiss Brussels Days, a recruiting and career guidance event taking place at the Confindustria headquarters in Brussels. This two-day event provides students and graduates with the unique opportunity to connect with representatives from European institutions, international organizations, legal firms, banks, and corporate entities operating in Belgium.

The event goes beyond talent recruitment, emphasizing the development of linguistic skills and soft skills essential for an international career. Students will have the chance to engage in company visits, tours of European institutions, networking sessions with Luiss Alumni, and one-on-one meetings with recruiters.

In collaboration with Luiss University in Rome, Engineering will be present on February 23 from 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Engineering's Talent Acquisition Specialists will welcome young talents with a passion for IT and a desire to pursue an international career in the realm of Digital Transformation.

Participation is open to all first and second-year Graduate School students, fourth and fifth-year Undergraduate Law students, as well as graduates from the School of Law and the School of Government.

Luiss Brussels Days offers an unparalleled opportunity for young talents to connect with Engineering and industry professionals, deepen their knowledge, and embark on an international career path in the ever-evolving field of Digital Transformation.

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