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Engineering promotes CoDesign Pharma Digital Future

Engineering promotes CoDesign Pharma Digital Future

An innovative networking event: focus on Supply Chain and Operations challenges in Pharma.

Milan, September 22 2023

Engineering, in partnership with NetConsulting cube, is the promoter of CoDesign Pharma Digital Future, an exclusive event designed specifically for the Italian Pharma community.

The meeting dedicated to knowledge sharing and networking opportunities will be held on September 22 at Casa Lago in Milan.

The event will focus on the prospective evolutions and challenges of three key processes: Supply Chain, Operations and Tracking & Tracing. Professor Mauro Bernuzzi will kick off the meeting with a keynote highlighting the complexities and challenges faced by Supply Chain.

Immediately afterwards, three interactive sessions will be offered that will include video testimonials, the contribution of Italian Pharma companies gathered by NetConsulting cube and prominent figures from Engineering. These talks will be enriched by the active participation of those in attendance, creating a collaborative and stimulating environment for the exchange of ideas on future prospects and possible solutions to common challenges faced by pharma companies.

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