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Engineering’s participation in the OW2 Community

Engineering’s participation in the OW2 Community

The celebrations OW2 15 anniversary at the Cloud data center + Infra Symposium of Paris

Paris, June 29 - 30 2022

Engineering is among the founders of the OW2 Open Source Community and one of the most active members.

In the occasion of the celebration of OW2 15th birthday, Stefano Scamuzzo, representative of the Management Board of the KNOWAGE open source project, and Daniele Gagliardi, Engineering’s representative in the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Technology Council, will tell the history of Engineering’s participation in the OW2 Community.

The talk highlights the motivation for Engineering as a large and recognized systems integrator to embrace the open source culture, the value provided to the OW2 codebase by the KNOWAGE open source BI and analytics project, the outcomes of the initiatives where Engineering has actively participated, the relationships with the European Research projects.

The speakers will tell above all how the best practices of open source have been disseminated during these 15 years through the company in such a way to enrich the development process by fostering collaboration and openness, which are among the pillars of modern architectures and digital innovation programs.

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