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hackher_ in Catania

hackher_ in Catania

Engineering supports the 2024 edition of Hackher_ in Catania: promoting inclusion and innovation in the tech sector.

Catania, May 05 - 20 2022

Engineering reaffirms its commitment to gender equality and inclusion in the STEM world by participating in the sixth edition of hackher_, the event dedicated to reducing the technological gender gap. The event, which will take place at Palazzo Biscari a Catania, will involve over 100 high school students from non-STEM fields across Sicily, offering them the opportunity to get closer to the world of technology.

Having already been active in previous stages in Genoa and Naples in 2023, Engineering continues to support this initiative aimed at promoting gender equality and inspiring young women to pursue careers in the technical field.

During the day, the girls will have the opportunity to participate in a hackathon, working in teams led by dedicated coaches to develop an innovative project. They will also be inspired by role models from important national and multinational companies, who will share their success stories and demonstrate that overcoming gender barriers is possible at any age.

At the end of the event, a jury, which will include Eleonora Bordino, Senior Technical Manager at Engineering, will award the most deserving project with a cash prize, thus encouraging the participants to pursue their talent in the field of technology.

Engineering is committed to promoting an inclusive culture and supporting initiatives that ensure equitable access to opportunities in the tech sector, thereby contributing to building a more diverse and innovative future for everyone.

To learn more about hackher_ and for more information, click here.


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