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Logistics in B2B food e-commerce

Logistics in B2B food e-commerce

Engineering joins Netcomm's webinar on B2B food e-commerce.

June 15 2023

Netcomm, the Italian Digital Commerce Consortium, has organized a series of webinars to discuss digital commerce and industry innovations.

On the agenda of events, a highlight is the one with Digitelematica, an Engineering Group company, dedicated to order management in Food B2B e-commerce. During the webinar, trends, critical issues and successful strategies are analyzed, with a focus on operational models to improve supply chain efficiency.

Keynote speaker Marco Livraghi, Partner and Full Stack Developer at Digitelematica Gruppo Engineering, provides a detailed overview of trends in warehouse operations and solutions implemented by Digitelematica to address challenges related to online order fulfillment. During the meeting, several operational models are presented to enhance supply chain efficiency, either through the use of manual processes or through automation.

The webinar aims to highlight the many benefits of supply chain efficiency, such as significant reduction in operating costs, supported by concrete case study examples.

Participation in the webinar is free and strongly recommended for all industry experts.

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