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Missione Italia 2021/2026

Missione Italia 2021/2026

Engineering alongside ANCI to digitize Italy by leveraging the PNRR.

Rome, June 22 - 23 2022

At what point are the investments and reforms that will accompany the implementation of the PNRR, a unique opportunity for revitalization for our country? This will be the main theme of ""Missione Italia - 2021/2026 the PNRR of Municipalities and Cities", the event that Anci is organizing in Rome on June 22 and 23.

Engineering is Main Partner of the event that for two days will bring together and dialogue the world of companies with that of municipalities. The goal, to activate a concrete and effective synergy to ground, together, the projects of the PNRR.

In both plenary sessions and working tables, the key issues of the PNRR will be addressed: from the main rules and procedures for activating projects, to urban regeneration, from digital transition, to measures for metropolitan cities, passing through projects for small towns to the integrated waste cycle.

On June 23, during the 11 a.m. plenary session, our CEO Maximo Ibarra will speak about the Digital Transformation challenge for efficient and sustainable municipalities and metropolitan cities.

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In addition to our CEO's speech in the plenary session on June 23, we will actively participate in the following working tables:

June 22 2:00 pm
TABLE I: Digital identity, cybersecurity, cloud migration and multipurpose counters: resources and solutions for digital municipalities
Alessandro Cipriani, Head BU Information Systems of Municipia, Engineering Group

June 22 2:00 pm
TABLE II: Cultural and social regeneration of villages, a national worksite
Erika Bressani, Head BU Territory Valorization of Municipia, Engineering Group

June 23 2:00 pm
TABLE I: Innovative ideas for the circular economy, between modernization of the urban waste collection network and new plants for recovery
Stefano Baldin, Head of BU Urban Hygiene of Municipia, Engineering Group

June 23 2:00 pm
TABLE II: Mobility as a service, simple and smart travel. One-size-fits-all solutions: medium-sized cities, metros, inland areas and small municipalities for a new mobility
Fabio Cristiano, Head of BU Local Public Transport at Municipia, Engineering Group
Franco Ermellino, Director Innovation E&U of Engineering.

June 23 4:00 pm
TABLE II: PNRR and incentive tools: the opportunities offered by the GSE for the enhancement of the territory of municipalities
Carmelo Bonaccorso, Head BU Energy and Water Efficiency of Municipia, Engineering Group

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