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Politecnico di Milano:<br>Guess My Job

Politecnico di Milano:
Guess My Job

Are you ready to be inspired and discover in a very original way the professional roles of engineers in data management?

May 03 2022

On May 3, Engineering takes part in Guess My Job, the event organized by the Politecnico di Milano. In this meeting, included in the Data Management Career Week, engineers working in the field of data management, will introduce themselves. You will listen to their daily activities, their job roles, soft and hard skills they developed during their path in companies.

Everything will be done in a very special way. How? The engineer doesn't reveal his precise job title and introduces himself anonymously: it will be his ability to provide you some key words related to his career making you understand his specific role in the company.

This will be a great opportunity to focus on job duties, career paths and skills.

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