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Security Posture & Maturity Assessment

Security Posture & Maturity Assessment

Engineering is organizing a series of events dedicated to the potential that an effective Security Posture can offer business.

Rome, June 21 2023

Engineering will host an introductory webinar, a physical event and a concluding webinar on the cybersecurity strategies you can adopt to enhance your business.

It begins Wednesday, June 7, with the first webinar in which Mara di Ciocco and Fabio Bucciarelli, Engineering's Cybersecurity Offering Manager and Principal Security Architect, respectively, speak on the need for a multidisciplinary approach to cyber risk management to enable strategic and secure business growth.

It continues on Wednesday, June 21, in Rome with an invitation-only in-person event introduced by Valentina Cavicchioni, Executive Sales Director Digital & Technology at Engineering.

That meeting, titled "Security Strategy Executive Tech Talk. Paths of security and business evolution", will feature Sogei and the E.N.P.A.I.A. Foundation, who will talk about their path to defining an effective security strategy in a roundtable that will also involve our experts and will be moderated by IDC.

The roundtable will close on July 5 with an in-depth webinar dedicated to future developments in cybersecurity with talks by our industry experts.

We look forward to seeing you!


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