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Engineering chooses Microsoft Azure for the new Neta Open Suite

Engineering chooses Microsoft Azure for the new Neta Open Suite

Thanks to this partnership, the Engineering platform for the energy sector provides cloud services that will also be available in the Microsoft marketplace.

Rome, January 09 2024

Engineering, leader in the digitalization of processes for companies and PA, announces that it has chosen Microsoft Azure for the new Neta Open Suite, the modular platform, agile, innovative, enabling the management of digital ecosystems to support and anticipate the evolution of the energy sector.

Neta Open Suite is characterized by a series of services that can be provided in as-a-Service mode, aimed at improving the efficiency of operators and supporting them in achieving business objectives thanks to the adoption of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning).

The choice of Azure, which takes place as part of a strategic agreement with Microsoft, allows Engineering to offer a scalable solution, supported by a robust and reliable infrastructure, and able to guarantee flexibility and innovation. Neta Open Suite, through its platform integrable with API, taking into account the aspects of competitiveness required by the market, will then enable the integration of other platforms in a simple way, as well as the development of new applications, services and processes based on API's and aligned to the specific needs of customers.

The first SaaS module of Neta Open Suite available in the marketplace will be dedicated to EC - Energy Community, through which you enable the management of Renewable Energy Communities (CER) and Collective Consumption (AC). The planned evolution roadmap will make new application modules available, including Metering Data Management in the water sector (Smart MDM) Metering Data Management for the Energy and Gas sales sector and the progressive functional evolution of the main modules related to the meter-2-cash process, such as Billing and Credit Management. The portfolio of the Neta Open Suite will also be enriched with additional modules such as Consumption Forecast, Credit risk and and Invoice Check.

Neta’s services will be hosted in the European Regions of Microsoft Azure more related to Italy (Italy North, Germany West Central, West Europe), and will benefit from the advantages of the local location of data: innovation, security and data sovereignty.
Thanks to this agreement, Microsoft Azure further expands its offer of cloud services, enriching its ecosystem of partners with the experience and innovation of Engineering in the Energy & Utilities market.

"Engineering has been committed to accelerating the digital transformation of the Energy & Utilities world through solutions that ensure innovation, security, high performance and sustainability. The partnership with Microsoft and the strategic choice to integrate Microsoft Azure in our Neta Open Suite allows us to offer all players in the industry a scalable platform, reliable, agile and able to offer highly customized services.
With this initiative Engineering and Microsoft confirm their commitment to working together in projects that enhance their respective skills, so as to enable new scenarios for the digital evolution of enterprises." comments Guido Porro, Executive Vice President Enterprise of Engineering.

"This initiative further strengthens the consolidated collaboration with Engineering, our partner for co-innovation projects aimed at supporting companies in the digital transition. Thanks to this agreement, Microsoft further expands its offer of cloud services based on the Microsoft Azure platform, enriching its ecosystem with the experience and innovation of Engineering in the Energy & Utilities sector. Together we will work with the aim of supporting the evolution of the energy sector thanks to the power of cloud and artificial intelligence", said Sara Anselmi, Global Partner Solutions Lead of Microsoft Italy.



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