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Note to Customers in relation to some Cybersecurity issues

Note to Customers in relation to some Cybersecurity issues

In relation to some facts highlighted in the press in the last few hours, we wish to provide the following communication to clarify our role and position.

August 03 2021

Dear All, 

In light of the widely spread attention and sensitivity reported in the last few hours linked to Cybersecurity issues following the attack experienced by the Lazio Region, we wish to share the following information to clarify and be transparent regarding issues and incorrect details which have subsequently emerged. 

As with all companies in the world, Engineering is also subject to cyber-attacks which it handles and neutralizes as an IT and computer security expert with a main focus on prevention. 

This is precisely how we proceeded a few days ago when we identified evidence of some blocked at source non-authorized access attempts. For precautionary purposes, we acted promptly implementing all the necessary measures to protect our Group and our customers, who in the meanwhile incurred no damages. We notified the Italian Postal Police providing a full report of the facts occurred.

With regard to alleged theories in circulation insinuating a possible correlation between the blocked attack attempt and the hacker attack suffered by the Lazio Region between the night of 31st July and 1st August, please note that the analysis and detailed investigation swiftly carried out exclude any links between the two events (the Region has confirmed the attack started with the hacking of a smart-working employee).

Please also note the Engineering Group does not manage any of the Region's infrastructures subject to cyber-attacks, whose dynamics are yet to be fully clarified by the competent authorities.

On the basis of our know-how and experience, we have made ourselves available to the Lazio Region offering our full support for the management of this phase. 

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