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Product Development eXcellence with Jama Software

Product Development eXcellence with Jama Software

The Engineering Group Partners with Jama Software® to Drive Innovation in Digital Design and Product Development Across Industries.

Chicago (Illinois), September 21 2023


Engineering Industries eXcellence, a part of the Engineering Group and a global leader in the field of Engineering Services, Design Automation solutions and Industry 4.0 technologies, and Jama Software®, the industry-leading requirements management and traceability solution provider, jointly announce a strategic consulting partnership to transform the way industrial organizations design, develop and deliver innovative products to the market.

Product complexity is rapidly increasing across industrial sectors, requiring tight coordination across engineering disciplines to ensure on-time, quality product delivery. The partnership between Jama Software and Engineering Industries eXcellence aims to address this challenge by offering an integrated suite of solutions that enable companies to manage complex product development lifecycles with unparalleled precision, collaboration and scalability.

Jama Software's requirements management platform, Jama Connect®, provides a collaborative environment for teams to define, design and develop their product visions. By maintaining Live Traceability™ across a best-of-breed ecosystem, Jama Connect enables organizations to navigate the intricacies of modern product development, leading to faster time-to-market and improved product quality.

Engineering Industries eXcellence, with its rich experience in engineering services and global network of digital transformation experts, brings a wealth of knowledge in product design, systems engineering and technology consulting.

"We are excited to partner with the Engineering Group to deliver a holistic approach to intelligent engineering management that leverages Jama Software’s best-in-class technology with Engineering Industries eXcellence’s industry expertise," said Tom Tseki, CRO of Jama Software. "This collaboration represents our commitment to helping organizations bring innovative products to market faster, with higher quality and greater efficiency."

This strategic partnership with Jama Software represents an exciting step towards bringing true model-based systems engineering services capabilities to our global industrial customer base. Jama Software‘s advanced technology complements and augments our existing Design Automation offering, enabling extended requirements management traceability across a wide range of the tools our engineering-driven manufacturing customers use today to design and innovate their products,” said Tim Rohach, VP of Business Development & Partnerships for North America of Engineering Industries eXcellence.

Through this partnership, customers will benefit from the synergy between Jama Software's innovative requirements management and traceability platform and Engineering Industries eXcellence’s deep industry insights, resulting in comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of their respective markets.

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