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The Engineering Group strengthens its offer by acquiring in United States Movilitas

The Engineering Group strengthens its offer by acquiring in United States Movilitas

Engineering, through its subsidiary, Engineering USA, acquires Movilitas and increases the offer of the Industries eXcellence Global Division

Rome, Chicago, January 11 2022

  • Engineering, through its subsidiary, Engineering USA, acquires Movilitas and increases the offer of the Industries eXcellence Global Division, dedicated to the digitisation and integration of pioneering technologies in the international manufacturing industry.
  • Advanced Digital Twin models for the design, production and optimisation of products and processes, together with proprietary solutions such as Movilitas.Cloud, are but some of the assets that the acquisition will secure, allowing the Group to boost the digitalisation of industrial plants.
  • This acquisition is one of the first steps in the Engineering Group's new development phase, which aims to triple turnover in the segment by 2026. The corporation operates across more than 40 offices in 12 countries and plans to accelerate its organic growth, both in Italy and globally, promoting skills and talent and continuing to invest to provide the best technological offer to customers around the world.


Rome, Chicago, 11 January 2022. Through its US branch Engineering USA, the Engineering Group has acquired the US group Movilitas, a major and established player in consulting and developing innovative solutions for the future of the manufacturing industry. Active in the US since 2017, in recent years Engineering USA has brilliantly achieved its goal of becoming a reference operator for the development of Industry 4.0 projects in the US.      

Maximo Ibarra, CEO of the Engineering Group, said: “The significant results achieved in a short time by our US subsidiary, which heads the Group's Industries eXcellence Global division, have led us to finalise this important acquisition, confirming the Group's highly ambitious objectives, not only in Italy but in foreign markets too. This acquisition aligns with the new phase Engineering has entered and reflects our goal of strengthening the international role of a quintessentially Italian company, as part of a single strategic vision.Our plan is to continue investing in new technologies and skills, in order to lead the challenge of digital transformation for businesses, public administrations and citizens.    Developing synergies within the group is an important asset for Engineering's goal to offer customers increasingly innovative solutions in all product sectors and support the changing direction of business”.

The acquisition of Movilitas reconfirms the Engineering Group's reputation for reliability in the US market and falls within a wider acquisition strategy aimed at integrating best-in-class organisations in the various reference segments, ensuring that, together with significant internal investments in R&D, Engineering continues to maintain its leading position in a rapidly-changing sector. More specifically, the move, which involves a 100% transfer of Movilitas to Engineering, aims to integrate the offer of the Industries eXcellence Global Division by expanding and strengthening the synergy between geographic and industrial markets and generating exponential value for customers.

The Industry 4.0 model involves the rollout of Information Technology to factories. Engineering's  Industries eXcellence Global supports this rollout through cutting-edge technological solutions, developed from an in-depth knowledge of the processes.
 This merger enables the Group to develop projects that generate competitive capacity for customers by rapidly optimising activities, making them leaner and more easily controllable, modifying and improving the organisation of work throughout the product life cycle - from the design stage through to sales - based on data management and analysis.

Based in Maryland (USA), Movilitas is specialises in the provision of next-generation consulting, technologies and services for the development of smart supply chains and digital production ecosystems.Its integration into Engineering will strengthen the Group's offering in crucial areas such as warehouse management, product traceability and asset management, as well as in product design, production and optimisation, thanks to proprietary solutions such as Movilitas.Cloud and advanced applications of Digital Twin, one of the main technologies enabling the new industrial revolution, considered by analysts to be one of the most important innovations for its capacity to simulate business, process or product strategies, verifying their effects in advance and significantly accelerating adoption times.       

Numbers, locations and human resources.

The Engineering Group has a team of over 500 specialists in industrial digitalisation and 650 active projects globally; Movilitas, which boasts twenty years of experience and solutions in 51 countries, is joined by a global team of over 200 digital transformation specialists and 7 operational hubs in the USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, UK and India.The combination of these two, in terms of human capital and geographical footprint, will make it possible to strengthen Engineering's global presence in North and South America, Europe and now also Asia. Building on this, the Group, through its US subsidiary and Industries eXcellence Global, aims to triple its turnover in the specific market segment at an international level, to exceed 200 million euros in 2026, through organic growth, leadership, methodologies and proprietary solutions deriving from the numerous synergies of the Group, as well as through strategic partnerships.

"This acquisition represents a triumph for the Engineering Group and for Industries eXcellence Global, which aims to position itself as a world leader in driving digital progress in the industrial sector. With Movilitas, our team of specialists ranks among the most competent in the world, capable of providing solutions that cover the entire life cycle of customers' products and processes.    We are extremely happy to welcome a team of talented innovators who will support us as we continue our journey in digital transformation processes. Together, we will make the future of the industry possible", says Ettore Soldi, President of Engineering USA and Director of Engineering Group's Industries eXcellence Global Division.

Ross Young, CEO of Movilitas, added: "At Movilitas, we are focused on helping companies become smart businesses by developing smart supply chain ecosystems.      We will continue to act as trusted advisors and industry experts to help our clients meet their transformation needs. Joining Engineering USA's Industries eXcellence Global division as part of a large and solid Group allows us to provide a differentiated offer of even greater value through the combination of new services and solutions to power a safer and smarter future in a connected global economy".


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