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Transforming car sales processes with our digital solutions: from quotation to the signing of the contract.

Automotive digital customer experience

A new customer journey in automotive sector

After the most critical phases of the Covid-19 crisis, the automotive market is ready to catch up. However, there are many challenges to face.
On one hand, manufacturers are called upon to innovate the product range in order to respond to a growing demand for electrification and connectivity, while having to dispose of an unsold stock. On the other hand, they must rethink their sales strategies by identifying enablers that can generate innovation and create new profit channels.

In this complex scenario, digital customer experience plays a fundamental role in vehicle sales, with the consequent adoption of new technologies and training of salespeople on their use and related remote sales methods.
The customer journey in the Automotive sector

Our solution for Dealers' Digital Transformation

Engineering's Automotive Division has been working for years with manufacturers, national sales companies, dealer groups and suppliers belonging to mobility services ecosystems, ensuring agile and reliable solutions.
In this context we created the Digital Dealer Platform, which allows to digitalize the entire sales process of the vehicle, supporting both seller and customer during the phases of quotation, negotiation and purchase of a car in a completely remote mode.

The platform drastically reduces the use of paper documentation for collecting signatures and consent and the consequent burdens of physical storage and filing. In addition to dematerializing the traditional sales process, the Digital Dealer Platform integrates the dealer's ecosystem of data and processes, providing an overview of the business and delivering services.



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