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Evolving, Enabling, Extending your business through the Cloud.


Change is, and always will be, inevitable

Cloud is probably the most important enabler of all when it comes to Digital Transformation, whose scale and vastness would simply not be conceivable had it not been for Cloud and the opportunities it brought.

What is Cloud? How does it work? How is it evolving?

Cloud automates, improves and augments end user activities

Considering the technological aspect, there are three ways of applying Cloud technology:
  • Public Cloud: Computing capabilities provided as a service to customers that are external to the Cloud provider's organization. By sharing resources, one can reduce costs and gain access to more technologies and an enriched service catalogue.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Computing capabilities provided as a service by leveraging a mix of both Public and Private Cloud services. Combining public and private capabilities ensures the best of both worlds.
  • Private Cloud: Computing capabilities provided, in isolation, to only one organization. A more traditional guarded approach to Cloud.

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