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Digital Defense, Aerospace & Homeland Security

We enable the secure acquisition, management and distribution of data concerning military and homeland security operations, as well as logistic support for maritime, land, air, space and cybernetic domains.


Cyber defense and data protection

To stay abreast the evolution of conflicts and technologies, whenever possible, defense departments rely heavily on the private sector, in order to ensure the use of cutting-edge technologies which make it possible to mitigate the risk of obsolescence.

By relying more and more on technology, the army and all military equipment will be increasingly interconnected and resilient, exponentially increasing exposure to cyber risks.

The challenges are numerous and Engineering, with its long-standing experience in supporting the operations of Governments, is ready to face them and participate in projects of strategic importance.

Digital Transformation of a critical sector

Our mission in the Digital Defense, Aerospace & Homeland Security domain is focused on the achievement of three macro-objectives:
  • promote the military/civil "dual use" paradigm, favoring the re-use of acquired skills and expertise, as well as of solutions implemented in both sectors
  • contribute proactively to technical, technological and process-related innovation, in highly specialised niche domains
  • support users and customers in their Digital Transformation process.

Engineering positions itself as partners to accompany governments, institutions and their suppliers along Digital Transformation path and to accelerate the development of new solutions and technologies.

What is the future of Digital Defense?

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