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Digital Defense, Aerospace & Homeland Security

We enable secure data acquisition, management, and distribution for military operations, national security, and logistical support in the maritime, land, air, space, and cyber domains.

Cyber Defense

Cyber defense and data protection

In recent years, we have witnessed various global threats and phenomena that require Cyber Defense's significant intervention from governments. Beyond territorial boundaries, the scope has expanded to other areas of society, including the economic/financial and, above all, cyber domains.

To address this ever-evolving scenario, defense departments closely collaborate with the private sector, ensuring the use of cutting-edge technologies to mitigate the risk of obsolescence.

Cooperation between these worlds is not only desirable but necessary to pool everyone's expertise and govern Digital Transformation in a crucial sector for nations and citizens.

Digital Transformation in a crucial sector

Digital Transformation is creating numerous opportunities for the sector, opening new digital fronts that intersect with challenges in the field – land, air, and sea – where the central theme revolves around data protection and management, leveraging technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity.

We position ourselves as a strategic partner to accompany governments, institutions, and their suppliers on this evolutionary journey and accelerate the development of new solutions and technologies. We believe in the necessity of partnerships with companies based on trust and technical expertise, as well as process.

And we pursue this path following the Dual Use military/civil approach, which will increasingly be central to the sector.

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