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Digital Ecosystems and business model

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Technology and Business are coming together, now more than ever, to transform, at every level, the way we live and work.
As we look forward, we need to think differently and build differently. Digital Transformation is gaining speed and momentum, thanks to the widespread availability of new technologies and the rise of a new global value: Data.

Building new Digital Ecosystems, composing solutions, from existing technologies and assets and from emerging ones, and designing them around core business needs, as quickly as possible.

In this Paper we explain our vision of what Digital Ecosystems look like and how codesigned, composable solutions are going to reshape your business.
Technological innovation enables Digital Ecosystems

Digital Ecosystems: new value networks

Digital Ecosystems are built on horizontal technology platforms and leverage deep vertical knowledge to compose digital services and solutions, based on data coming from scattered data sources. No single player can meet all needs and so ecosystems will not only blend traditional and advanced enabling technologies, but also integrate multiple players, technologies and solutions to provide tailored made, timely solutions to meet specific needs for the time the need exists.

Composable solutions rapidly combine digital assets, coming from multiple sources, to deliver a tailor made, highly adaptive digital service to relevant stakeholders needs that are continuously evolving. .

We aim to show how our Group can act as a partner, a facilitator, an orchestrator and an accelerator in assisting you throughout the process of creating new value-based relationships and services and ultimately redesigning and redefining your ecosystem.

Our future will need creativity, knowledge, and vision. We have all three of them.

Let's build your digital ecosystem together

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Innovation today: Digital Ecosystems

Innovation today

At Engineering we work on all major industries from government to manufacturing, from energy to finance. This has allowed us to collect a set of distinctive IT competences, which we combine with our ability to continuously explore and experiment with all technological innovations.

Here are a few examples of Digital Ecosystems, in crucial domains of modern life, where our skills and solutions could be deployed immediately.

Digital Ecosystems

Open, sustainable and inclusive: our data and our values

Today change is an imperative and not an option. It is inevitable. New ways of working, living and thinking are a legacy of the pandemic but this trend goes hand in hand with the insurgence of new core values, such as Openness, Inclusivity, Sustainability, Ethics. These core values, these attributes are increasingly shaping the way decisions are made, from board rooms down to our family tables. They are also increasingly considered attributes of Data and Technology.

How can data and technologies help boost the economy of the future? How can we make access to innovation, data and technology open and ethically sustainable to all?

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