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Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a digital copy of reality, that enables you to simulate and find answers in a risk free and secure environment.


What is a Digital Twin?

Emerging technologies such as Internet of Things , Artificial Intelligence and advanced modeling techniques are enabling an intelligent, connected and digitally empowered mesh of people, things and services which outline a definitive concept, Digital Twin , for today’s business.

In this white paper, we remove some myths spread about Digital Twin and answer your biggest questions: What is it? Why does it matter? What are the benefits and the challenges? Which are the building blocks?

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"Engineering USA performed a Plant Sim model for one of our lines. Their Sim expert, Carlos Ortega, did an outstanding job on the model and the results provided us valuable information to make key decisions on our line design. Engineering USA is a preferred supplier of ours when it comes to Teamcenter Manufacturing activities.
When businesses ask me internally on how to get started with PLM in Manufacturing, I point them towards Plant Simulate since it does not require heavy integration at the beginning of the journey. Plant Simulate has given us the ability to make more qualified decisions early in the project, prior to ordering equipment. We have saved thousands of dollars by investing in this technology."

Douglas Hill
Teamcenter Manufacturing Manager - Emerson Electric



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Luigi Manca

Digital Twin Expert, Engineering

Roberto Grugni

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