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Supply Chain

Supporting Supply Chain Management
with process digitization and innovative solutions.

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Facing a global market and increasingly stronger competition

Today's challenges are based on lower prices and delivery times, as well as greater product quality. In order to survive and remain competitive , efficiency of internal processes alone is no longer sufficient, but organizations need to act along the entire distribution chain.

Supply Chain is the production and distribution landscape that includes the entire network of organizations and suppliers which, starting from raw materials, allows finished products to reach end customers through the flow of services, information and money.

Supply Chain Management is the planning, execution and monitoring of Supply Chain activities, which optimizes the flows across the chain and its single links, to generate profit and competitive advantage and ensure that the product is delivered on time and at the right price.
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Digital Transformation will continue to change the way we produce and work

Digital Transformation enables Supply Chian to create innovative solutions to assist people and companies to work efficiently.

The main trends seen today are related to the increasing availability of Big Data.

Process Mining and Machine Learning tools will be increasingly used throughout the Supply Chain as they allow to model a Digital Twin of real processes, automating the decisions of daily operations and enabling structured and increasingly precise forecasts on future scenarios.

Other trends that will become increasingly popular concern the interconnection between the different actors of the distribution chain through shared platforms, and accessible also remotely, and the Blockchain.

What is the future of the Supply Chain?