Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

White Paper

Where Business
Meets Technology

When business needs are met by frontier technologies, evolution, innovation and transformation arise.

A man wearing a protective suit for COVID-19

Our Vision of Today: from Covid to Ecosystems

We stand at the dawn of a new era. It’s an exciting time to be living and working, especially in IT. Various Digital Enabling Technologies, such as Cloud, AI, IoT, Cyberscurity, RPA, have come of age together, allowing us to work and operate in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago. This was happening pre Pandemic, and is even more true post pandemic.

Technology and business are coming together, now more than ever, to transform at every level the way we work and live. Where they meet, innovation happens. Where they meet, New Digital Ecosystems are created, shaped by new core values and blending business and technology capabilities.

Our Approach

Our approach closely links our Research and Innovation activities to the continuous training and upskilling of our staff. Strategic M&A enable us to constantly upgrade and increase our capabilities. Our longstanding relationships with stakeholders lead to profound knowledge of market trends and dynamics as well as the deep knowledge of the very core our partners’ businesses.

Since ever this allows us not to be simply a player able to sell or serve technology, but to be a strategic and fundamental partner.
An infographic representing Engineering's vision after COVID-19, focused on digital transformation, innovation management, new normal and smart working.
A futuristic environment that recalls Engineering's vocation for innovation.

Our Vision of the Future

It is time for our collective efforts build a better world. From Mobility to Digital Citizenship it is time to rethink and reshape how we interact. To understand how sustainability, social responsibility, green energy, gender and race equality can benefit from this global overhaul. This pandemic forced us to change our relationships with spaces, where we live and work. Cities, offices, infrastructures, utilities all coming together as one.

Our experience in all these fields enable us to understand and view how and where they can and will interact.

Our mission has not changed, we will continue to engineer innovation, where business meets technology, transforming the world we work in, the world we live in and the world that looks after us.