Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Our Papers

Through our Papers, we explore how business and technology meet and evolve.


Where Business Meets Technology

When business needs are met by frontier technologies, evolution, innovation and transformation arise.

Engineering The New Normal

Our Manifesto for building together a post Covid-19 world.

Engineering Innovation

Delivering the power of Innovation triggered by ideas.

Digital Transformation

Leading our customers towards a new economy of digital ecosystems.

Our Portfolio

Augmented City

We augment the way our cities and citizens use time and space, improving the overall quality of life for all city actors by delivering sustainable economic and financial project & service patterns.

Digital Defense, Aerospace & Homeland Security

We enable the secure acquisition, management and distribution of data concerning military and homeland security operations, as well as logistic support for maritime, land, air, space and cybernetic domains.

Digital Finance

We guide financial institutions towards new digital ecosystems. This to be able to innovate processes, meet the needs of persons, and create new value for the future.

Digital Industry

We are on a Digital Transformation journey to make the future of manufacturing possible.

Digital Media & Communication

Thanks to our knowledge on digital technologies, we create new business models and we improve core processes.

Digital Retail & Fashion

Evolving Fashion, Luxury and GDO companies, revolutionizing customer experience and digitizing operations, from the Supply Chain to the Smart Store.


Redesigning a new healthcare for cure, care and prevention.

Smart Agriculture

We digitize the entire agricultural supply chain, from the field to production, up to management of national and international funds.

Smart Energy & Utilities

We evolve business models and processes along the entire energy chain, according to the paradigms of Digital Transformation.

Smart Transportation

We ensure seamless, secure, sustainable and data-driven mobility services for people, goods, assets and infrastructures.

Enabling Technologies

AI & Advanced Analytics

Simplifying complexity to face the future by giving voice to your most precious asset: data.


Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality are enabling technologies for Digital Transformation, permitting to reshape operations.


Unchaining business through the Blockchain.


Evolving, Enabling, Extending your business through the Cloud.


Cybersecurity protects and enables your organization as it embraces Digital Transformation.

Digital Twin

A digital copy of reality, that enables you to simulate and find answers in a risk free and secure environment.

IoT - Internet of Things

The connection key that transforms the real world into data, creating new ecosystems of knowledge.

Robotic Process Automation

Process automation to enhance the human component of work 4.0.

Instant Papers

Automotive: Digital Sales

Transforming car sales processes with our digital solutions: from quotation to the signing of the contract.

Central Bank Digital Currency

Challenges and opportunities of the new digital currency.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

We define, manage and evolve CRM processes and strategies, redesigning the relationships between companies and customers.

Digital Experience: Culture & Tourism

Redefining the way we manage, live and think about art, the promotion of local areas and everything that revolves around two key engines of the Italian economy: culture and tourism.

Digital Waste

We redesign and optimize the entire waste management process thanks to new technologies.

Digital Workplace

Redesigning the time and space of work with new digital tools.

Emotional Banking

We support banks in building a new connection with the client, based on shared values and emotional experiences.

OT Security

Designing and implementing technological and process solutions to reach industrial plants and operational infrastructures' Cyber resilience, by protecting their operativity and integrity.

Recovery Fund

A great opportunity to restart and build our New Normal.

Supply Chain

Supporting Supply Chain Management with process digitization and innovative solutions.


We redesign the space and the relationship in healthcare ecosystems.