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We empower organizations to navigate the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape with agility and resilience.

We are Engineering's Cybersecurity company

We enable and support national and international clients in their journey towards a secure digital transformation.

We offer advanced cybersecurity consulting, technology implementation, and managed services to defend public and private organizations from cyber attacks, to reduce security risk and increase the resilience of the entire ecosystem against evolving threats. 

With our deep expertise across various security domains, we foster an in-depth cyber defense through a proactive and composable approach, and by applying a multi-layered protection aimed to disrupt malicious activities throughout the entire technology stack. With a modular portfolio of best-of-breed solutions and specialized skills, we support organizations to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats, and to reduce risks by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, also offering actionable insights that enable you to fortify your cyber resilience, and to protect what matters most in the digital space.

We leverage a primary technology partner ecosystem and actively foster research & innovation in the cyber space.

Leveraging a team of 300+ certified experts and a global presence spanning over 20 countries, we offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our partnership ecosystem includes selected and leading cybersecurity technology vendors. The active cooperation with primary academic institutions, the membership of primary bodies promoting cybersecurity at European Union level (such as EOS and ECSO), the participation to many Security Research & Innovation Projects funded by the European Community, further demonstrate our commitment to excellence and collaboration at a global scale.

Our Cybersecurity Portfolio
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Individual certifications


Certified SOC (ISO 27001/2017)


Servers managed


Petabyte of data protected

We bring comprehensive end-to-end capabilities to the forefront,
offering a full suite of cybersecurity services.


Cyber Strategy

Elevate your security posture.

We can help you design your cybersecurity master plan, starting with posture assessment with maturity model, and continuing defying a roadmap outlining priority interventions - encompassing both technological and procedural measures - to reduce risks effectively.

Finally, to stay ahead of legislation and an ever-increasing regulatory pressure, we have a dedicated multidisciplinary team focused on Governance, Risk Management and compliance.

Zero Trust Protection

We provide in-depth and multi-level security.

Deploy and run advance technologies to counter threats along the cyber kill-chain throughout the whole technology stack of the extended security perimeter: digital identities, networks, endpoints, servers, data, and application layers, encompassing hybrid multi-cloud environments, we ensure that your organization security is prioritized at every level.

Cyber Defense

By combining advanced technologies, skills and best practices, we prepare you to respond to cyber attacks.

We support you in protecting your business operations using an AI and automation-powered Security Operations Center (SOC), infused with advanced threat intelligence, to detect and block cyber-attacks, while continuously identifying and remedying exploitable vulnerabilities. Swiftly respond to and recover from cyber incidents, reclaim compromised systems, and ensure compliance reporting.

Cyber Resilience

We test defenses, identifying emerging threats to improve your organization's cyber resilience.

We actively monitor and prevent emerging cyber risks through ongoing threat exposure management, and improve Blue Team readiness with cross-functional Red Teaming activities and attack simulation scenarios.

We carry out Threat Hunting activities, investigation and attribution of threats to adversaries and cyber criminal groups, potentially active in the context of specific customers or reference markets.

Security Operations Center

Our Intelligence & Automation Driven SOC and the Added Value of IR/CSIRT.

Technical Security Audit

Our Offensive Security portfolio to assess Application and Infrastructure.

OT Security

Designing and implementing technological and process solutions to reach industrial plants and operational infrastructures' Cyber resilience, by protecting their operativity and integrity.


Cybersecurity protects and enables your organization as it embraces Digital Transformation.

ENG Outlook 2024

How can we evolve together? Discover in the interviews with our Business and tech leaders on current trends and big challenges.


Evolving, Enabling, Extending your business through the Cloud.


Certifications and Accreditations

Quality Management System & Information Security Management System (ISMS)
ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2017

IT Service Management
ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018

Social Responsibility Management System
SA 8000
European Certification Institute

Accreditation Testing Laboratory for Information Security Evaluation
ISO/IEC 17025:2018

Our Podcasts

How do we work with data securely?

What technologies, methodologies and skills can protect us from hacker attacks?

Cybersecurity as told by experts.

Case Study

A new approach to training on cybersecurity

We provide training on Cybersecurity to employees working for an important Italian municipality, through storytelling and the application of real cases.

Case Study

Protected identity

Automated account creation on legacy and standard applications and a continuously synchronised access control system. This (and more) allowed us to guarantee the security of an important player in the field of European insurance.

Case Study

Secure digital identity in Jordan

Thanks to Cybertech, Jordanians have completely secure access to Public Administration online services.

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Case Study

Big data for cybersecurity

With our data analytical platform we find specific cybersecurity events by highlighting the correlations between cyber attacks and social networks.

NA Leaf Page.jpg

Case Study

Secure Energy Platforms

We develop and manage big energy player’s security platforms, to assure and implement cybersecurity strategies.

NA Leaf Page.jpg

Research Project

CyberSEAS: secure energy

Our research project to counter the cyber risks related to attacks against Electrical Power and Energy System and protecting consumers.

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Research Project

ENSURESEC: end-to-end security for the e-commerce service ecosystem

Our socio-technical solution aiming at safeguarding e-commerce operations of the Digital Single Market against cyber and physical threats.

Precint 1920x1080.jpg

Research Project

PRECINCT: cyberphysical threats are no longer scary

Supervising and controlling complex interdependent networks: our research project at the service of European critical infrastructures.

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