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Enabling cloud service brokering for an IT leader

We implemented our Cloudesire platform to create a XaaS marketplace to fluidify the business relationships with our Client's distributors and resellers.

Approach & Solution

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Our Client is the leading Value Added Technology Distributor in the GCC and the Middle East, which distributes advanced technology products, solutions and services in the areas of Data centers, infrastructure, cloud, IoT, networking, Collaboration, Cybersecurity, Servers, storage, wireless mobility, broadband & Internet access.

The Client does business through channel partners and serves the financial, industrial, education, telco, hospitality, healthcare, government, SMB and consumer sectors. After 20 years of working in the field of Information Technology, they succeeded to build a relevant business with coverage and reach about 85% of the Middle East territory.


In order to fluidify the business relationships with its distributors and resellers, we supported the Client in implementing a multi-channel XaaS marketplace by providing our Cloudesire platform.

We created a customized implementation according to our Client's needs: a multi-distributors and multi-reseller marketplace, offering several kinds of IaaS/SaaS/PaaS services.

This marketplace is based on different modules of our Cloudesire platform, including payments, direct invoicing. We also provided the Cloudesire parent-child module to allow the dynamic creation and management of multiple resellers marketplaces.


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Hundreds of business customers managed

Thousands of running subscriptions

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