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Agriculture and information systems towards the cloud

We enable the Lombardy Regional Company for Innovation and Purchasing (A.R.I.A.) the governance of EU funds through IT solutions to support the entire agricultural supply chain.

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In today's socio-cultural context, the Public Administration is transforming to become increasingly digital and to seize any opportunity enabled by new technologies, related to their relationships and those towards citizens and businesses.

At Engineering, we have carried out innovative software development and maintenance projects, wholly covering IT systems management and providing assistance to businesses, citizens, trade associations that benefit from the communitarian agricultural aids for Lombardy Region.


We relate to agricultural entrepreneurs, becoming nowadays managers of their companies, to understand the needs of tomorrow and develop strategies to define and control a complete supply chain model. The latter aiming to be increasingly effective and efficient in terms of IT Governance, in line with the new enabling technologies for Agriculture 4.0.

Parallel to this, with the updating of processes and systems required by the 2014-2020 national programs, a path of strong technological and process renewal has begun. IT systems are increasingly operating in Cloud-oriented contexts, supported by native smartphone apps. The process started with the rebuilding of the management system of the hunting sector.


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