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Re-think the application architecture for Corporate Card, Prepaid, and Fuel Voucher solutions.

Approach & Solution



A major Oil Company has engaged us to re-think the application architecture for Corporate Card, Prepaid, and Fuel Voucher solutions aimed at its extensive international customer base, with the goal of leveraging the uniqueness of their offerings and enhancing stakeholders' experience.

We have designed a scalable and composable architecture based on the principles of Best Fit Technology and Digital2Evolve, a proprietary methodology developed by our Advanced Enterprise Platforms competence center.

This method involves analyzing market challenges, the unique aspects of the Oil Company (Key Differentiators), and its operational model, and then developing an agile and hybrid application map that provides a tailored solution for the specific context


The model provides for an integrated B2B, B2C and B2E vision, deriving advanced 'know your customer', sales management, cross-selling and end-to-end vision for the different business areas.

The data layer was re-engineered to achieve better reliability and less redundancy of customer data between a portal and app with access to real-time information, a data lake with certified information, and an API library for internal and external connections.

The solution included the best vertical solutions for corporate cards, pre-paid and fuel vouchers, an extensibility layer for the development of differentiated elements and a market-leading digital core.

The online and real-time analysis of the processes allowed a faster time-to-market in line with the needs of the market segment, enabling rapid responses to its challenges and opportunities.


A new design of the Stakeholder Experience

New business capabilities resulting from the hybrid architecture

Rapid time-to-market for new solutions

Creation of a certified data layer

Project value

Process performance

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