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A holistic monitoring and control with a new corporate business intelligence

We designed and built for Agrati the new corporate platform of business intelligence for the Sales, Finance and Control, Purchase and Quality areas.

Approach & Solution

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The Agrati Group was born in 1939 and since then it has never stopped growing. Today the Group is the world leader in fastening systems and their components, with huge numbers:
  • 12 production sites
  • 5 logistics centres
  • +2.300 employees
  • +500 million euros turnover
  • 850 new products each year
  • +40 million cars assembled with Agrati products worldwide.

In order to better manage the Group and its constant growth, especially on a global level, an innovative business intelligence platform was adopted to provide the top management with new insights and with the needed KPIs to speed up the decision making process.


These goals led to the redesign of the existing BI reporting tool by analysing all the involved processes. Through the involvement of the right business stakeholders (Sales, Finance and Control, Purchase and Quality) and the IT, we planned a roadmap bringing to the adoption of new business intelligence solutions.

Vision and guidelines for the involvement of subsidiaries into the new models were established at a corporate level. Even if Agrati had already began the migration process to S/4 HANA of all the ERP systems of its subsidiaries, it was finally decided to adopt an easily scalable Microsoft Cloud solution based on SQL Server, PowerApps and PowerBI.


Standardization and redesign of subsidiaries' data flows

Automatic and periodic provision of “Vendor Rating” reports

New corporate dashboards with captivating interface

New & integrated analytics platform for all business units

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