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Municipality of Bologna: Digital Management of Mobility and Access to the Historical Center


Comune di Bologna


Augmented City


Bologna, Italy


The Municipality of Bologna chooses Municipia, part of the Engineering Group, to monitor and manage access to the ZTL, reduce the workload of employees at service counters, and enhance the lives of citizens.


Gradually reduce in-person service delivery by introducing online services.


Software for managing parking permits and access to the LTZ, along with online services for citizens.


Approximately one-third of operations related to resident permits are now conducted online.


Innovative policies for a livable and accessible city

"Bologna is characterized by a relevant historical center, with over 50,000 residents, a large number of businesses, and a monumental heritage to preserve while ensuring access for all to these spaces. In this context," explains Pina Civitella, Head of Application Services and Data, Digital Innovation, and Data Sector - General Directorate of the Municipality of Bologna, "we developed policies regulating access to the historic center, leading to the creation of a LTZ, an environmental area, and pedestrian areas, which over the years have regulated and improved the use of this key urban space.”
"The main goal of the project," added Pina Civitella, "was to have a dynamic system, highly configurable, capable of responding to continuous changes in the regulation of access to the city's central area. Additionally, to offer services to citizens and achieve an open, interoperable system capable of interacting with other systems, enriching both data and functionalities."

A digital ecosystem serving both the Municipality and its citizens

Currently, the system manages approximately 260,000 active access and parking permits associated with about 280,000 vehicles, with a history of over 800,000 permits.

It is integrated with various software within the Municipality's ecosystem (documentary system, online forms, New Civic Network, etc.), and numerous online services and applications have been developed (license plate changes for citizens with disabilities, services for residents and parking permit holders, requests for permits for hybrid vehicles, etc.) based on the latest technologies.
Additional online services are in progress, such as issuing permits for electric vehicles and a dashboard to support decision-making.

Next year, the Green Area will be activated to reduce pollution and local traffic, and the solution will be implemented with a rules system and integrated with telecontrol systems for managing access to this area.
Pina Civitella
Municipia, part of the Engineering Group, has supported us over these years with competence and reliability, always ensuring a high standard of quality in the solutions delivered.
Pina Civitella
Head of Application Services and Data, Digital Innovation, and Data Sector - General Directorate of the Municipality of Bologna


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