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La Marzocco
boosts business
with Salesforce

From digitisation of sales processes to tailor-made customer service, find out how we broke new ground for a paragon of Made in Italy.

Approach & Solution

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La Marzocco is a leading manufacturer of handcrafted espresso coffee machines, a factor which has set them apart on the market.

Expanding the business required improving B2B sales processes to fully support customers at each step of the purchasing experience, from product research and post-sales care to generating long-term customers and more efficient data.

In addition, local technicians needed smart solutions for managing machine repair/maintenance appointments.


Salesforce's solution improved efficiency across sales support processes, leading to an increase in both customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

In addition, by implementing post-sales care/services, data management for all local and international branches could be centralised. More specifically, using the Sales form, we were able to improve all sales processes as well as create and manage each customer's history.

Meanwhile, The Field Service & Service forms optimised local technicians' travel and schedules, enabling tracking for critical issues and predictive maintenance for systems.

The Experience Cloud improved efficiency in the advanced digital ticketing process that manages technical assistance requests by creating a community for the company's dealers and distributors.


Improved company sales and service processes

Omnichannel and single platform for all data collection

Improved Field Service use for managing technicians

Over 1,000 work orders managed

Significant time and resource savings in operational and communication processes

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Process performance

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