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Smart Customer Service

We assist our partner by optimizing the technical assistance service and the relationship with the customer.

Approach & Solution



Our partner, a technological world company leader in processing a wide variety of materials, needed to activate an omnichannel Customer Service. The company, in fact, requested a quick and automated operation management, with a data-intensive activity.

The platform had to allow monitoring of activities, performance and the service itself, in order to improve quality and implement future improvements that would allow a user experience able to understand and predict the consumer's needs and to build customer loyalty.


The solution we developed uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allows our partner to manage historic support requests of its customers in a homogenous way, to avoid repeating mistakes and to ensure that the agent understands where support is needed. This ensures consistency for both the customers and the company, which can use the data received to create increasingly high-performance models with the support of AI & Advanced Analytics.

The platform we built allows to create and track requests for assistance in real time, manage service contracts, create work orders, organize appointments, monitor the progress of service activities. The system also makes it possible to improve resource management, generate service reports and implement service and maintenance plans.


Normalization and improvement of the Customer Service

A single escalation/
deescalation management model

Integration of all local services in the world

Monitoring performance and workloads

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