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Protected data with the Security Operations Center

With its Managed Security Services Cybertech securely manages all the data of a pharmaceutical company operating internationally.

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These days, an increasing number of organisations are relying on specialist companies to manage their data. This was the decision taken by a pharmaceutical company, operating worldwide, when it chose to entrust the security of its data to Cybertech, part of the Engineering Group.

Having developed a certified Security Operations Centre, a tech solution providing services aimed at the security of information systems for the delivery of Managed Security Services (MSS), Cybertech was able to assume the overall monitoring of information security, of all sources and security devices, within the company's control room, implementing response and protection tools.

With a technology infrastructure spanning three continents, components on premise and others in the public and private cloud, the company needed to implement an organised protection, detection and response system for all its assets in relation to the risks associated with cybersecurity.


As the company is undergoing a digital transformation process focusing on Cloud adoption, a flexible and modular approach was required of our team.

A solution comprising three distinct yet complementary modules was used:

  • implementation of a log collection and correlation system, with real-time security monitoring by the Cybertech SOC, integrated with external threat intelligence sources
  • implementation of a network protection system (DNS protection), which blocks requests to malicious and unwanted destinations before a connection is ever established
  • virtual patching module to protect assets (physical, virtual and Cloud) against discovered vulnerabilities, focusing on systems that are obsolete or cannot be updated due to application compatibility issues.

The project has enabled the pharmaceutical company to ensure maximum security standards for its data and to reduce significantly the operating costs of its information systems.


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