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Digitalizing Lead Management process with SAP Sales Cloud

We have redesigned the Customer Journey process to optimize lead acquisition from various entry points and subsequent qualification into an opportunity.

Approach & Solution

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Our client is a leading Italian and European industrial company in the market for the development, production, and packaging of food supplements, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals on behalf of third parties.

In the pharmaceutical sector, it is necessary to have various information for the preparation of each product and manage a large product catalog. We have created a dynamic survey to collect data according to standard procedures in SAP Sales Cloud, facilitating the operations of the R&D department and the preparation of the right offer for the customer.

The product master data has been customized with commercial, pharmaceutical, and technical information. Once configured, products can be quickly added to sales opportunities and offers. The digitalization process has contributed to an improvement in the strategic and operational flow of customer data, resulting in time savings and increased efficiency.


We have developed a solution based on SAP Sales Cloud that helps pharmaceutical companies simplify sales activities while complying with industry compliance requirements. SAP Sales Cloud is integrated with SAP S/4 HANA, and with SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI), we ensure data synchronization and integration. SAP Sales Cloud allows for automatic task assignment and progress monitoring.

Customer and prospect profiling, along with immediate visibility into insights and reports, enables sales teams to conduct comprehensive and timely analysis to make informed decisions, supporting Research and Development. Real-time updated data improves accessibility to information and effective communication between business areas.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Teams promotes collaboration and improves productivity. The solution is mobile compatible and available offline. In the future, SAP Sales Cloud could be extended to cover the entire customer journey.


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