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Digitalizing Lead Management process with SAP Sales Cloud

We have redesigned the Customer Journey process to optimize lead acquisition from various entry points and subsequent qualification into an opportunity.

Approach & Solution

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Our client is a leading Italian and European industrial company in the market for the development, production, and packaging of food supplements, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals on behalf of third parties.

It decided to embark on a Digital Transformation path by adopting a CRM to simplify sales activities and centralize information, according to industry compliance requirements.

Following the analysis of the client's reality, taking into account that SAP S/4HANA will be the group's only management system, we proposed SAP Sales Cloud that well met the company's main needs:
  • Strategic, guaranteed by the extensive out-of-the-box functionality of the platform and the periodic updates released by SAP to be increasingly adherent to market trends.
  • Technological, focusing on the strength of the native integration with SAP S/4HANA that lowers implementation costs, greatly reducing risks and Time-to-Market.


SAP Sales Cloud is the process engine in which to gather initiatives and manage opportunities and customers through bi-directional integration with S/4HANA, via SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

A dynamic and intuitive survey collects the info needed for new product readiness, allowing easy access to data for R&D and Sales functions. Product master data is customized with industry-specific aspects: commercial, pharmaceutical and technical info.

SAP Sales Cloud automatically assigns tasks and monitors their progress, reducing time and intercepting stalled situations. Customer and prospect profiling, and visibility into insights and reports updated in real-time, enables Sales to perform comprehensive and timely analysis. Development. Real-time updated data improves accessibility to information and effective communication between business areas.


Awareness of the role of resources within the process

Centralized process to improve Sales activities

product master data compliant with industry requirements

Time & resource savings

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