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AI optimizes lead generation and marketing campaigns

Increasing conversion rates by 30% for a multinational household appliance leader.

Approach & Solution



Our customer, as one of the world’s leading major home appliances company with $21 billion in annual sales, 92k employees and 65 manufacturing and technology research centers, wanted to expand white goods business also by growing its digital presence in EMEA region. To achieve this, the client decided to move from a simple product showcase website to an eCommerce, with the main objective being no longer brand awareness but conversion of visitors into buyers.

This step implied a change in the corporate culture based on data and real-time feedback and a review of the existing process of monitoring web pages and marketing campaigns.
We designed a Conversion Rate Optimization process to identify the friction points of online user experience that is the foundation of the eCommerce continuous improvement process.


Engineering decided to kickoff the project with technical analysis and an assessment of the website to verify if the best practices and the business needs were covered.
Then, the evidence of this analysis was discussed with the customer in a series of workshops, the desired user experience was designed together and the issues found (incorrect Google Analytics settings and Google Tag Manager configurations, conflicts with frontend JS scripts) were addressed to the relevant stakeholders.

At the same time, a pilot campaign was monitored together with the Digital Marketing Manager to have a correct perception of the progress made.
The results of this process led to increased chances that website visitors will "convert" into leads or customers before leaving the web page, and have laid the foundations for further analyses and improvement actions to be carried out over time.


+ 10-30% website conversion rate

Data-driven decisions on trusted data & data-driven culture

Implementation of A / B testing websites

Real-time feedback on campaign effectiveness

Solid process to address issues, development & prototyping

Training optimizes data collection & Google Analytics 360 use

Project value

Process performance

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AI & Advanced Analytics

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