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Open Fiber: Empower your people

We supported Open Fiber in improving the management and enhancement of their most important resources: people.

Approach & Solution

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Open Fiber, a leading Italian telecommunication operator, needed to manage the human resources during COVID-19 emergency in 2020. The pandemic forced the company to adapt and change their way to manage and engage their employees. Most of the interactions moved online, forcing the company to adopt the adequate tools to manage the human resources in the best possible way in digital mode too.

We supported Open Fiber by carrying out digital and process transformations, covering the whole company ecosystem, by providing a solution based on SAP Cloud Platform and SuccessFactors.


The solution allows to take full advantage of the standardization of some features by activating specific modules of SuccessFactors platform, which was already installed in Open Fiber's IT ecosystem. Moreover, we identified specific customizations that were relevant for Open Fiber, digitalizing and making these available on the SAP Cloud Platform.

We also managed to satisfy the need related to new front-end and user-facing functionalities related to the IT system dedicated to employees' skills assessment. This, by improving user experience and the overall organization of the information available, especially concerning the self-assessment activity to be carried out by the employee.


Improved employees' skills assessment system

Digitalized payslip on SAP Cloud Platform

Interview management on Success Factors

Digitalized attendance register
(e.g. QR Code)

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