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We develop and manage big energy player’s security platforms, to assure and implement cybersecurity strategies.

Approach & Solution

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A big Italian player of the Energy sector needed to innovate the macro-services of Cyber Platform Management and Cyber Test & Simulation.

Through Cybertech, an Engineering Group company, we provided services related to Cyber Platform Management, consisting in the end-to-end management of security platforms.

More specifically, we are involved in the 24x7 provision of Advanced Platform Management services and daytime supervision in the field of Security Content Engineering.


Our teams are dealing with the ordinary and extraordinary management of the security platforms covered by the service, both at maintenance and policy level: these processes include the configuration of rules on detection and prevention systems arranged on the Customer's perimeter, as well as the definition and enforcement of correlation rules on the automatic security event detection (SIEM) platform.

Regarding the Advanced Platform Management service, Cybertech is carrying out activities for the development of new security platforms, maintenance, management and execution of major changes and support in the management of security incidents with "High" and "Critical" classification level.

With respect to Security Content Engineering, Cybertech is evolving the monitoring and analysis tools/products to be implemented on the platforms integrated within the Customer's IT perimeter, dealing with their design and development. Cybertech is also developing scripts and additional functionalities to optimize the services offered by security platforms to prevent potential cyber-attacks and mitigate their impact.


End-to-end management of the security platform

Greater precision and speed in managing risk situations

Continuous platform monitoring

Design and development of new functionalities to increase security

Project value

Process performance

Enabling Technologies


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