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To develop customer-centric solutions spanning renewable energy services and personalized technical support, adopting suitable intelligent technology is crucial.


Deliver tailored technical assistance, streamline ticket management, and facilitate collaboration among multiple stakeholders


Transform the user experience and optimize processes through an integrated system


Improved connectivity and ensure easy access to data


A global partner in energy transition

The ENGIE Group is a global leader in low-carbon energy and energy efficiency. "ENGIE's goal - says Flavia Lenzi, Head of Customer Service & Customer Value - is to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral economy by designing solutions that reduce energy consumption and respect the environment.

A mission that brings together more than 100,000 employees, customers, and shareholders globally and allows for balancing economic results with positive effects on the planet and all its inhabitants."

In Italy, with over 3,400 employees and 60 locations operating throughout the energy supply chain and a widespread presence across the national territory, ENGIE is a partner to over a million families for energy supply and home services.

Unique and integrated customer experiences

"We have consistently prioritized our collaboratores and employees, recognizing their pivotal role as the primary interface between customers and the ENGIE world.”

It extends to delivering distinctive technical assistance to Home Service customers, crafting personalized journeys from the initial call to on-field execution. This entails seamless integration of diverse existing systems and fostering collaboration between technicians and the Back-office. Furthermore, the goal is to accelerate the entire ticket management process, improving appointment scheduling speed and on-field reporting.

"We were looking for the appropriate technology to enhance our on-field service, striving to elevate both technician and customer experiences while ensuring continuous connectivity.”

Transformation through Cloud: innovation, connection and personalization

"Through years of collaboration with Engineering and its partnership with Salesforce, we've uncovered the power of the Cloud to craft customized experiences that evolve alongside our customers.”

This is facilitated by Salesforce modules including Community Cloud, Service Cloud, and the integration of Field Service.
By redesigning processes and enhancing the overall user experience for both back-office operators and field technicians, we've created a unique environment seamlessly integrated with ENGIE's billing system.

This facilitates centralized, real-time visualization of work orders and inventory, thereby enhancing field service operations.
Flavia Lenzi
Guided by Engineering we've embraced a culture of innovation designed to our vision, aimed at delivering customer-centric experiences.
Flavia Lenzi
Head of Customer Service & Customer Value, ENGIE Italia


Streamlining and optimizing business processes

Enhancing connectivity for seamless communication

Centralized and real-time visualization

Delivering fast, intelligent, and personalized services tailored to customer needs


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