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Empowering Emerson with the Digital Twin

As part of a continuously expanding partnership, we are helping Emerson create living Digital Twins for both the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and Automation & Control divisions.

Approach & Solution



Emerson Electric is an American energy corporation with 205 manufacturing locations worldwide. As an innovator and market leader, it has been on a journey of digital adoption ahead of the industry curve. They wanted to improve productivity, profitability, gain insight into inefficiencies, improve accuracy of input data and minimize time of data acquisition.

In an ongoing strategic partnership, our team is helping Emerson Electric create living Digital Twins for both the HVAC and Automation & Control manufacturing divisions of their business in North America.

Our Automation & Controls specialists have also helped the customer implement, connect and integrate digital solutions for their thermoelectric production plants in Italy.


Our team designed and built a complete plant simulation model for Emerson's future HVAC production line to identify optimal layout of the facility, equipment and containers to be purchased.

Next, we designed a plant simulation model of the customer’s Automation & Control plant to be used as template for Emerson’s sensor manufacturing division globally.

We are continuing to enhance and expand the Digital Twins delivered to Emerson in order to add functionalities and improve the models based on the evolving needs of the customer, their operations and their business.


Increased operational productivity and profitability

Improved order promising and prediction of completion dates

Improved accuracy of data and acquisition capabilities

Insight into inefficiencies in product storage & idle times

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