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We supported INAIL's migration through cloud & mobile-ready architectures, evolving more than 200 Java applications, about 5000 Cobol programs and more than 50 data-exchange flows with other administrations.

Approach & Solution

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The speed at which Digital Transformation is transforming norms and markets also requires public companies to speed up their efforts to identify IT and business architectures that can effectively ensure efficient governance and quality of the services offered to citizens and operators.

Technological evolution, in fact, fosters open architectures, based on shared standards, product compatibility and interoperability also from different suppliers.

In INAIL, the mainframes' evolution plan stems not only from these objectives, but also from the need to contain operating costs and reduce Mips consumption.


At Engineering, we carried out the adaptation and migration of INAIL's huge number of applications, in collaboration with other IT companies: the area of intervention involved more than 200 Java applications, about 5,000 Cobol programs and more than 50 data exchange flows with other administrations.

In order to reduce the impacts on INAIL's operations, the migration was carried out using a 'progressive approach'. This required, during the assessment phase, the identification of appropriate application sub-domains and of the related interactions.

For each "Application Island", a specific migration and application adaptation strategy was defined, in order to eliminate incompatibilities with the new infrastructure and other possible criticalities.


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