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With Pattern we developed a solution that enables the sustainability and traceability of the products in every phase or their journey, improving the communication with the customer.

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Founded in late 2000, Pattern Spa operates in the design, engineering, development, prototyping and production of clothing lines for some of the most prestigious, top-of-the-range brands in the world.

Now that consumers are increasingly sensitive to social, environmental and animal welfare issues, Pattern felt the need to adopt a solution capable of guaranteeing the traceability and sustainability of production, as well as anti-counterfeiting (quite prevalent in the luxury sector with the growth of e-commerce and the bargain market) and transparency with regard to the customer who wants to know the origin of production and of the materials used.

The project was designed in two phases: the first phase addressed the B2B side, covering processes that range from the engineering phase to delivery to the buyer; the second, on the other hand, will broaden this perspective, providing the end customer with additional information and functionality, covering aspects of exclusive interest to the seller, such as the initial conceptual design and distribution phases.


Engineering, adopting a Design Thinking approach, has implemented a modular solution built on the Ethereum Blockchain, based on the QR code and RFID technologies and on the REST API architecture. The solution includes an authorisation workflow for the approval and display of content and offers reporting on KPIs and trends.

Today, Pattern is able to trace and transfer information pertaining to the engineering, modelling, production and quality control phases: from collection data, to factory data and information on the materials used.

The current installation is already configured to accommodate future developments of the project, aimed at developing an App that will make it possible to transmit the main brand values to the end customer, adopting the Blockchain technology with a view to brand awareness.

By scanning the QR code included on the label, the consumer will then be able to access the history of the garment, which will include every detail, as well as being certified. By making information about brands, stores and social media content available, it will be possible to stimulate the after-sales relationship with the customer and the increase in online sales.


Tracking of information at all stages of the process

Better communication with the end customer

Increase in brand awareness and brand reputation

Expressed interest also from the fashion houses

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