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Optimizing DE4Bios performance with AWS Cloud

We have reengineered our DE4Bios biosurveillance platform by migrating the system from our internal Data Center to AWS Cloud.

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The client is Azienda Zero, and its corporate mission is to ensure the rationalization, integration, and optimization of healthcare, social-healthcare, and administrative-technical services of regional facilities, by efficiently utilizing the allocated resources.

For Regione Veneto, we realized a biosurveillance system, based on a collaborative platform architecture capable of correlating health data, public administration data, and geographical data to create a real-time monitoring system for controlling the spread of Coronavirus.

Our biosurveillance platform, DE4Bios, was adopted during the pandemic because it allows harmonization, synchronization, integration, visualization, combination, association, and analysis of data from different data sources. The platform, based on Digital Enabler, provides a comprehensive and wide-ranging view of the correlation between the effects of regional measures and the concrete results.


Since a couple of years from the initial adoption of the platform, we began an evolutionary path aimed to reengineer some modules on AWS Cloud. The new architecture consists of:
  • Ingestion Microservice: based on Spring Batch, which will implement maximum code reuse across the currently planned 21 different ingestion flows. Each individual microservice of a specific flow can be launched on multiple nodes to ensure greater scalability capacity.
  • Export Microservice: based on Spring Batch, which can be launched on a specific tables.
  • RDBMS as the database supporting Spring Batch required for job management.
  • NoSQL as the database supporting the configuration parameters of the Data Quality.
  • Orchestration Microservice: based on Spring Batch, as application orchestrator for the ingestion module will ensure load balancing.

We adopted DevOps methodologies and ensured business continuity for our client.


Improved performance of DE4Bios

Improved response times compared to SLAs

Ability to autoscale in case of workload overload

Reduced maintenance costs

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