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MyP3: a digital citizenship platform

With our cloud-based and open source solution, the Veneto Region creates and manages services for over 2 million citizens.

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Universal access to digital public services is one of the most important issues today on the table of Local Public Administrations. It is a matter of using an open innovation approach (for citizens) and an open community (for entities), ensuring the spread of Smart Government services on the regional territory.

Our MyP3 project is a microservice, multitenant and cloud-based solution, organized in different vertical modules and developed according to a "design thinking" approach. To become an Administration increasingly open and oriented towards digital citizenship, the Veneto Region manages all the eGovernment services for the Administrations participating in the project on the MyPlace module - PLAtform Cloud Enabled: based on their needs, each Body can decide the use of the platform services, taking advantage of that provided by the Regional Administration, accessing it in SaaS or installing individual applications in its own data centers or in the main cloud systems available on the market.


MyP3 is based on open source technology and supports Local Authorities in the creation, access and management of digital citizenship services. The MyP3 solution consists of some main modules:
  • MyPlace: platform with service architectures that meet the needs of scalability and openness to the Cloud
  • MyPA: it is the place where the citizen accesses the services or consults their information from all administrations in aggregate and simplified way
  • MyPortal: represents the place where the citizen relates to a specific body, navigating content and interacting with administrations in a simple, secure and transparent way. It is composed by the information and services portal
  • MyIntranet: it is the set of back-office applications available to the operators of the participating Bodies, the entry point to their work tools for editors, product administrators or system administrators.


190 Local Administrations served by the platform

2 million citizens using digital services

Reuse for extra-territorial Administrations

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