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With us, a Big Player in the world of appliances has revolutionized its traditional BI, optimizing marketing campaigns and digital services.

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Following the acquisition of a new company, a Big Player in the world of household appliances (with approximately $21 billion in annual turnover, 92,000 employees and 65 research centers) has launched a complex process of harmonizing IT systems to integrate all different procedures and activities.

Engineering has supported the company's Digital Transformation path, designing and implementing a new vision of traditional Business Intelligence based on reporting and analysis of the existing.
In this way we were able to introduce digital innovations with which to make predictions, predictive modeling to try to track and predict customer behaviors.


Our solution uses the features of the Google Cloud platform and integrates them into a SAP BI environment, enabling the adoption of self-service BI thanks to the use of Tableau. This allows to analyze large, diverse data sets from various silos, harmonizing them in a single Data Lake. The final Data Warehouse can be integrated with Machine Learning algorithms to extract enormous value from the data.
In the classic SAP-centered landscape, new innovative features have been integrated for all EMEA countries with the following final framework:

  • SAP BW on HANA as a corporate Data Warehouse
  • SAP Business Objects for institutional reporting (WEBI, OLAP and AFO)
  • Google Cloud Platform with Google Big Qruey, Composer, Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager for data from WEB sources (sites, portals) and external data
  • Tableau to enable Self-Service BI.

Thanks to our solution, the company has been able to innovate the traditional BI framework and create a solid Advanced Analytics platform, enabling a collection of functionalities and technological components through which other applications, processes and technologies digitize processes and enable data-driven ecosystems.


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