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Da Vinci Project: a unique Meter to Cash platform for Gas, Power & Solutions

Development of a solution based on Neta application modules for managing "meter2cash" processes in Power&Gas and extra commodity services.

Approach & Solution



Eon Italia is the Italian subsidiary of a multinational company and is one of the leading energy service operators in the market. The company operates in the extra commodity sector with a focus on energy efficiency and has more than 900,000 residential customers.

Eon needed to standardize a complex and heterogeneous application map, simplify operational processes, and increase service quality.

During the preliminary activities of evaluating the technology partner to work alongside EON on a digital transformation path, Engineering made available to the client its many years of experience and deep knowledge of the Italian energy market, enhancing some distinctive components of the project proposal represented to EON, such as knowledge of the regulatory environment and the impact on application solutions, the ability to ensure product compliancy to the continuous regulatory evolutions.


The DA.Vinci Project lasted 20 months and involved E.ON representatives from different countries, with the aim of providing global governance and supporting implementation activities, creating an interesting and innovative multi-cultural team-mix. The management of critical aspects, such as the migration and harmonisation of historical data from five different information systems, was carried out ensuring a smooth start-up and adherence to billing schedules.

The DA.Vinci project allowed E.ON Italia to achieve a significant competitive advantage by strengthening its leading position in the Italian energy services market.


Operational efficiency and cost savings

Standardized processes for the gas and electricity sectors

Efficient reshaping of offers and services

Improved service quality

Enabling Technologies

AI Advanced Analytics

Engineering proprietary products & other technologies


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