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QU4LITY: Digital Reality in Zero Defect Manufacturing

An open, certifiable and highly standardised, SME-friendly, data and AI-driven ZDM product and service model for Industry 4.0 based on sovereign digital infrastructures.

Approach & Solution



Manufacturing defects are a huge issue for the European manufacturing industry. In some cases, 50% of the production ends up as scrap.

QU4LITY realizes a radical shift from state of the art production quality methods to the disruptive Autonomous Quality (AQ) concept. It enables manufacturers and solution providers (including SMEs) to develop, validate, deploy and adopt innovative Cognitive Manufacturing solutions for ZDM (Zero Defect Manufacturing).

The project continuously develops ways to demonstrate realistic and replicable ZDM solutions within selected lighthouse factories and involves SME´s for data-driven solutions and products.


QU4LITY provides digital enhancements, a reference architecture and blueprints supporting a wider uptake of ZDM. It enables the composition of diverse digital manufacturing platforms and of their capabilities in cognitive and secure ZDM systems.

QU4LITY will establish a pan-European innovation ecosystem joining forces with the newly borned Digital Factory Alliance.

Engineering is the Technical Coordinator of the project. It also leads the activities related to the development and integration of digital enablers supporting the QU4LITY autonomous quality paradigm and supports the validation actvities in the WHIRLPOOL and PRIMA pilots.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 825030.
The project on CORDIS website.


Augmented human-centred multi-stage decision support

Embedded intelligence and real time analytics

Simulation-based ZDM orchestration

Trusted data spaces for quality management

Quality control applications based on Distributed Ledger Technology

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