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We supported the start-up Radicalbit in the development of the GoLive solution to quickly activate Live Stream Shopping campaigns.

Approach & Solution



In order to process a very high number of transactions in a very small unit of time, Radicalbit developed RNA, a platform that enables the development of data stream control algorithms capable of extracting and correlating key information from raw data, in real time and seamlessly.

Radicalbit turned to Engineering to further strengthen its solution offering in the Data Stream Analytics segment in the Fashion and Retail sectors.


Prompted also by the current restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Radicalbit developed the GoLive solution that Engineering is able to integrate and customize with customers' eCommerce systems thanks to the Digital Enabler ecosystem platform.

The solution makes it possible, in a very short time, to activate LIVE STREAM SHOPPING campaigns, a trend now established in the East, where AI supports the retailer, through this new digital channel, in proposing its collections by virtualizing the active experience of participating in a Live Show.

Our Partner's thoughts

"The partnership with Engineering Group represents a milestone; it is part of our policy of growth and creation of strategic alliances to gain greater market penetration for our product portfolio.

By combining our specific experience with strong competences on vertical processes, the tools and services of Engineering Group, we are confident that we will be able to provide innovative enabling technologies to the market to simplify data access and value in real time."

Leo Pillon, CEO of Radicalbit


Continuous analysis of the data flow

Real-time interpretation on emotional sentiment, location, spending profile

Activation of 'instant promotion' actions

Strictest respect for security and privacy profiles

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