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RED: Risk Evaluation Dashboard

An innovative tool exploits territorial data to optimally manage hydrogeological risks.

Approach & Solution



Engineering is the leading partner for RED (Risk Evaluation Dashboard), a research project funded by the Valle d’Aosta Region, shared with four relevant partners. RED aims to support the management of risks related to avalanches and rock falls.

In order to achieve this goal, RED is centered on an intuitive dashboard which leverages specific algorithms, acquisitions, processes and permits to visualize territorial and environmental data. As a result, RED is able to provide the critical information land management bodies need to carry out timely, informed assessments and make better decisions regarding type of mitigation action to be taken during emergency and non-emergency situations.

The targets for this project will be public administrations, providing them a tool for assessing land planning and management, as well as professionals, who require a tool for implementing and integrating in-depth industry studies that facilitate the design of risk mitigation interventions.


RED is currently developing three projects related to two distinct operational units:
  • The first deals with the modeling, monitoring and management of Big Data related to phenomena of instability gathered from an in-depth study.
  • The second aims at developing a software capable of rendering a complete, reliable and easy-to-use risk scenario.

The system will incorporate both existing databases and new types of data obtained through the development of low-cost geophysical sensors and the execution of LiDAR surveys via helicopter.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and by the European Social Fund.
Investment Programme for Growth and Employment 2014/2020.


Facilitates data analysis and visualization.

Supports the decision-making process.

Supports risk management activities.

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